time lost. and found

The most interesting thing about this piece, for me, is that when I set out to write it, I had something completely different in mind. A different image. A different piece of writing. Then this happened. Sometimes, you just have to go with whatever comes …

When I wrote on Instagram yesterday, one of the things I talked about was making up for lost time. My comments elicited a response or query from a Soultree who wanted to know, “when you figure out how to make up for time lost in a lifetime, let me know”.

I’m not sure if this is an answer or if the question can be answered, but the following thoughts are what came to me. This is what is true for me now ❦

Release all that doesn’t serve, support or nourish you. This might be emotions like fear, regret, judgement. It can be belongings, your possessions. Some people might need to be ‘released’ from your life.

Embrace all that does serve, support and nourish you. Choose the emotions of joy, gratitude and love. And truly embrace the people in your life. The ones that you love. The ones that love you.

And once you have decided what to let go of, to release, and what you need, deserve and want to embrace. Do it. Find out what is in your heart and follow it. Now ❦

The following words as a poem showed up for me, as well.

Where they come from is a mystery. What they mean is not.


Time lost

For Love
About Life

Time found

A Purpose
A Passion

Time flows

With Presence
In Spirit

Time flies

Toward us
From us

The time
To learn
To love
To live

Is now


ajh 21.7.22

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