my writing journey

I tell myself that this writing journey is new for me. Certainly, sharing it publicly is. Sharing it with anyone really. When I began writing and posting on Instagram in November 2021, it was a spontaneous form of self-expression. But there was also an absolute need or compulsion to share my feelings and thoughts through words.

I think, I write, I share. This became my process. There was no (or very little!) editing. There was no self-judgement. There was no hesitation and not much filtering either. In fact, the process was, and is, so quick that it sometimes feels that I haven’t written the piece at all. If someone made a comment on Instagram, I would have to look again and remind myself of what it was that I’d written.

But really, if I’m very honest with myself, writing isn’t new at all. I confess that it has always been there in the background. There is evidence here and there. Notes of words, online and off. When I recently sorted out papers and books in my study, I found pieces of writing, jottings and notes from years, even decades ago. There are photographs of park benches from many countries on phones and cameras still. Spots where I had stopped to sit, reflect, makes notes. When I mention these ‘new writings’ to my children, they will say, “But, Mum, you’ve always been a good writer”. I guess I hadn’t told myself. They knew it. Others could see it. Only I didn’t know.

So, my journey with writing, my experiment with words, is now a part of me. It’s a part of who I am. I don’t know exactly where it will lead. And right now, this isn’t important. What is important is that I’ve begun.

2 thoughts on “my writing journey

  1. That’s always the thing with writing, isn’t it? There’s no real beginning or end. We just need to make sure we do our best with our day and keep honing our craft. Wishing you all the best in your writerly pursuits!


  2. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I’ve only just opened up comments on posts, so yours is the first, I think. See? Apparently I’m still a reluctant sharer!


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