giving and receiving

I’ve been thinking about gifts lately. And about showing love. Now, this is a clear Soultree connection. Because I chose Park Hyo Shin’s song, ‘Show Your Love’ to reflect what I wanted this year of 2022 to be about. Instead of the usual Word Of The Year, I chose a song title from his Second Story album. So, a Song Of The Year? Anyway. Back to the theme of gifting. It’s always a beautiful and generous thing to show our love through giving someone something special.

But does the giving and receiving of gifts need to be about a particular day or a season of the year? If there is appreciation to show, show it now. If there is love to give then give it when you feel it. Why wait until a birthday? Why not give your gift to a friend or a loved one … whenever?

This is a gift I received which was designed and created just for me. A gift of the heart. Thank you, J. xx

Even just this week, there have been so many gifts that appeared in my life. Some tangible, some not. One example is the ‘taxi incident’ in Lyon, when the taxi booked for 4 am didn’t turn up. (Yes, it was a much-too-early flight). Repeated phone calls in truly inadequate French finally resulted in a local Uber, when the lovely Mike arrived in an even more lovely black Tesla. I mean. It was a WOW moment.

The drive to the airport, the car, the whole experience … even the music playlist was memorable. But it was the driver who turned a mini-drama of possibly missing the flight into a gift. He was thoughtful and kind. He even helped me out the car (which no-one ever does). And when complimented on the car and the ride when we said our goodbyes, made a heart with his hands. Really. Thank you, Mike, for the gift of you.

Other gifts? There have been so many. Too many to mention. They appear suddenly and unexpectedly. Openly or more quietly. But they are always there. Because I’ve been paying attention and noticing. And I’ve been open to receiving as well as giving.

For me, the act of giving and the blessing of receiving is in the intention. So a gift isn’t only a present or a thing. There is the intention of a gift in saying kind words. In thinking of someone lovingly. Of sharing what we have with someone else.

So, yes. My pile of ‘gifts’ right now is very high. It contains thoughts, words and acts of love. From friends and family, and strangers, too. The gratitude attached to them fills every space inside me. Expanding upward and outward like a bubble of happiness.

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