a second chance

A second chance in life. Starting over. Being reborn. A new beginning … We hear this so often, it’s become a cliché. But there’s a reason we hear it often. And whatever it might be called, it is our choice to make.

At any stage of life, there is the potential to become something different. Be something new. Someone new. This is my story … becoming someone ‘new’. Or as a dear friend would say to me, ‘No, it’s still you, it’s just another version of you’.

In my life, I’ve had a career, family and friends, love and loss. As we all do. There have also been points of … what’s the word? Crossroads, I guess. Points at which there was a chance to take a new direction or a different path. I didn’t always take that chance. This is also true, I feel, for many.

What I also observe is that these points are points of opportunity. They are a chance to learn from past experience. I almost said ‘mistakes’ but that’s a judgement. However, if we don’t learn a lesson in life, the same challenge will appear, and appear again until we learn the lesson intended. Sometimes, it takes a while …

But no matter how long it takes, or at what stage of the life journey our directions change, what is important is that we pay attention. We need to pay attention to where we are. We need to pay attention to where – and who – we want to be.

To get to that place, an inner change of direction is called for. From the head, yes, to the heart. Because these decisions are not made with the mind but come from the heart.

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.


3 thoughts on “a second chance

  1. I loved this, and can resonate with what you’re saying. In my late 30s I left employment and went to university and the path I took led to a totally different path than the one I had been on. Up until that point I found my life had been a series of “what ifs”, what if I’d stayed on at college … living life with those thoughts about missed opportunities, regretting opportunities not taken can be demoralising and demotativating. They can mean you focus on things not achieved and can hold you back from moving forward. However, after I went to university – studied languages and then did a postgrad in HRM – got a job teaching HR (which I’m still doing 20 years later). Now when I reflect back on those earlier times I’m glad that I didn’t stay in college at that time. I don’t think I would have developed into the person I am today and overall, I like who I am and am glad about the decisions I’ve taken. I believe that we chose the path that’s right for us at the time and whether we take action or not, that decision will still teach us something.

    Wow, I didn’t expect to reflect so much on that one – so thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us Amanda.

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    1. Hello Brenda 😊 When I started the blog recently, I wasn’t sure exactly why. No plans or expectations is how I operate these days 😏 But I’m beginning to think that interactions like this is a ‘why’. I started writing on IG to connect in a small way. And I can see that connections can happen here, too. Thank you for reflecting and sharing. 🙏💙

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