blog or instagram?

This is a working-through-my-process kind of post. I’m just starting out. I’m still working things out. And I’m deciding where I’m going.

So. I’m neither an expert on blogging or on Instagram. But I do use both. I started writing on Instagram not knowing how to use it. I wasn’t even a follower of anyone. But I had words coming out of me, and a compulsion to share them somewhere. I had photos, as well, and my own sense of what I wanted to do. I had no expectations that anyone would read anything and no intention to share widely. I wasn’t looking for a large audience. Just the right one. Which I did.

I like Instagram because it is very immediate. I take a photo and write a few words. Then I get a response right away with a ‘like’ or a comment. I really enjoy the connection and sometimes there would be a conversation. Perhaps blogging is the same but without a word count limit? I’m still working this out along some other things. (Pingbacks? Tags? My WP avatar? I don’t know 😕)

Anyway, why did I start a blog? It’s another experiment, I suppose. My initial thought was to move content from IG. I would be able to expand my thoughts and write longer form pieces. Perhaps I was looking for a new and wider audience? I didn’t plan to keep writing on both platforms. But it seems that I am. Different words seem to belong in each space. This piece is not for Instagram, for example. Other pieces are. So each of my pages has a different identity, but they are both mine. They both reflect something of me.

I also sense, no, I know, that having a blog is another way to step out of what feels comfortable. Because if I’m honest, stepping out of my comfort zone is really what my current journey – including writing – is all about. When I began writing, it was a new thing for me. Not in the sense that I’d never done it before, but now I was sharing what I thought and what I felt. I was sharing ‘me’.

I was letting other people read what I wrote. At first, it was scary and I was very nervous. But then, less and less so. Looking back, this was all, or mostly, about revealing myself. I was stepping out of the shadows or the limitations of other people’s expectations and understanding of who I am. And, of course, I was freeing myself from my own.

For me, writing and posting on Instagram and now blogging, is really about becoming visible. Because for much of my life, I realise that I’ve tried to be ‘invisible’. It took me forever to attach my name (even my first name) to my words. And it took even longer to post a photo. But there it is now. And here I am! Wondering, where to next? 🤔😊

4 thoughts on “blog or instagram?

  1. I blogged for three years anonymously before I created a blog under my name. It was freeing. I could explore and gain my own comfort with my ‘issues’ before I let anyone in. I can’t comment on IG, I see it as the domain of my kids and I don’t want to intrude, but my WP world is super interesting. It’s filled with anxiety and pride and fear and achievement. The most horrible hobby I’ll ever love. Welcome to the platform.

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    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comment. Yes, anonymity gives freedom. Freedom from perceived judgment perhaps 🤔 Although, really no-one else cares what other people do 😉 But IG? I started last year and I write whatever takes my fancy. This morning a few words strung together as a ‘poem’. I write observations about life and culture. Sometimes travel moments. It’s a lot of fun and I meet people of all ages from everywhere. Come and say hi! 😊 Cheers Amanda.

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  2. I love the way we can use blogging (and IG for yourself, Amanda) to explore who we are and express ourselves. I didn’t start by using my own name either (although i’ve only been blogging about 10 weeks) but someone posted saying they didn’t know how to address me as I was just using the blog’s name. I felt I had to change that and use my name because people wanted to connect/engage with me and I wasn’t allowing that to happen

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    1. Yes, I think that’s really what I’m doing. I don’t have a particular theme or agenda. What appears on the blog is what appears to me. With little filtering and very few edits. Free and easy. So far 😉 It looks like we’re both newbies, Brenda. All the best to us both 😊

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