The human body is resilient. Well, it can be. A few weeks ago I was so weak that I couldn’t walk. Now though, I am back to feeling whatever normal looked like before I fell ill.

But the experience reminded me of a couple of things. Firstly, that our bodies can only look after us if we look after them. I’m at an age where one doesn’t always bounce back easily from sickness or injury in the same way as when we were younger. Extra care is needed. Moving toward then, I’m mindful that I should pay more attention to what I eat, how I exercise and how I live my life generally.

The other reminder is of a significant illness I had many years ago. It was lengthy in terms of both the illness and the time it took me to recover. There were several weeks in hospital including the ICU. It too several more months to live a ‘normal’ life again.

Being unwell just recently put me back there – if not actually in a physical sense, certainly in an emotional one. I clearly remembered how it felt not to be able to move or walk easily. I remember the helplessness and the isolation. It didn’t feel at all good.

It affected my mental state. I wasn’t in control of my life or even of taking care of myself. It has taken a little while to regroup and get back to feeling how I was before. But I’m so very thankful that it was a transient thing. Many people are not so fortunate, I know.

So now, there will be some changes. There needs to be. If I want my current lifestyle of travel and independence to continue, that is.   And I already know how to do it. I think we all know what is required to live a long and healthy life. It really comes down to our intention … and paying attention to what our bodies, minds and hearts need. Let’s do that.

Oh, something I remember from my time in hospital years ago. A nurse said to me, that it was unusual to have a patient in the ward with an actual disease. What she meant was, someone who was not in hospital with a non-lifestyle related condition. From smoking or alcohol or poor dietary choices.

It’s up to me now to choose. To choose what to put in my body and how to treat it. Because I do want to feel well and be well, for as long as I possibly can. Don’t we all?

One thought on “Resilience

  1. I can relate entirely Amanda. I need to be very careful about what I eat;eating the wrong things can quickly make me ill. I’m also focused on making sure I look after myself today so I have (hopefully) the health and fitness to enjoy life once I hit retirement


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