reasons to write – 2

For a personal blog, which this is, the reasons to write are all about me! Writing here is somewhere I can be most free. I am free to decide what I say and how. Free to share as much or as little as I want. And I’m able to decide why I write.

My reasons to write are likely similar to many other writers. There’s nothing special about me. Except that because each of us is unique and individual, we are all special.

Here are some of my reasons to write …

One. To reflect. Because questions arise. Answers are sought. And reflection is a path to getting there. Reflecting is part of my personal journey.

Two. To recount. Because stories are what writers tell. Stories relate experiences, and sometimes share wisdoms. Recounting is how I connect with others.

Three. To remember. Because this is where I can save memories. Things to cherish, places to keep, people, too. Remembering is linking my past to my future.

I began writing in August of 2021. I had been away from home since March 2020. The time in between was spent waiting, enduring, but also growing. There was a lot of time with not much to do. There was a lot of time without distractions. Time was transformative.

As it turned out, time was what it took to look inside. To see who I was and decide who I wanted to be. There was time to grieve for the past. There was time to dream for the future.

And writing became a way through. It helped me get through issues from the past, as well as the struggles of the present. Writing is how I connected with myself by connecting with others. This is my reason to write.

One thought on “reasons to write – 2

  1. ‘Remembering’ is a good reason to write. That’s my main reason why I keep a journal. But I also remember in ways other than the writing itself. When I browse to my 2016 blog posts, I remember the exact mindset I was in when I wrote that stuff, and that’s a pretty cool thing to have. So thanks for sharing!

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