time flies …

Today, I took the bus. I don’t usually, because I mostly drive where I need to go. But today it was easier and more convenient not to have to worry about parking.

The reason I’m telling this story is that I have a free bus pass. You know, for older people. Actually, anyone over 50 is called a ‘senior’ and is able to have free public transport. Thank you very much. Really.

I’m thinking, though, about how old I don’t feel!! Now that my back has stopped twinging, I’m feeling fine, active and loving life. And my grey hair is glorious!!

So, a message for young and younger-than me people, that you don’t need to fear aging. There’s a lot of freedom ahead in being older. And you know what you want more, as well as where you want to go. Whether you drive, fly, or take the bus 😉

Anyway, taking the bus isn’t so bad. I listened to music all the way. And I wrote this.

I wrote the post above for my Instagram page. It’s a little reflection with motivational intent because many of my readers are young people. My journey with Instagram is one that began with a small piece of writing for a quite specific audience. The journey has lasted for a year now and I’ll happily continue. I don’t have a large following but I’m not looking for more. Those who find me are enough, and I find it interesting and rewarding to have an audience that crosses countries, languages and generations, too.

Thinking more, though, about time passing as we move through life … Well, it’s something we all think more about as we get older. It’s natural, of course. To ponder time passing as we get to the ‘final chapters’ of our life story. The apparent speeding up of time the closer our ‘expiry date’ gets. The wishing or hoping for more time, perhaps. Trying not to regret time ‘wasted’.

I think, too, that going through the covid pandemic experience has made us a little more aware, a lot more cognisant of what life means to us and how we want to spend our time. However much time that may be.

Of course, we have always known that our time is limited here, that we are human and that along with life comes death. But it’s as if we have all been given a wake-up call, a collective slap in the face, if you like. That even though we are here now, there’s no guarantee of tomorrow.

So, yes, time has become more meaningful and more precious. Precisely because we can’t control how much we have, but we can control what we do with the time we’ve got.

And the photo? It’s of a Salvador Dali sculpture to promote an exhibition here. It was taken at the airport which was my bus trip destination. No, I wasn’t travelling or flying anywhere. But that’s another story …

One thought on “time flies …

  1. Ok I’m moving – 50 to get your bus pass … 60 here. Seriously though, there quite a few things in your post I was identifying with. Such a relevant and poignant topic.

    With the current global economic situation, and incompetent government in the UK, I wonder if by the time I’m due my bus pass in 3 years, if the age will have been raised. I read a newspaper article this morning stating that the increase to the retirement age is likely to increase to 68 … so it looks like I might be working an extra year too.

    I hadn’t made the connection, but yes I think you’re right about the Covid pandemic pushing us into some reflections about getting older and the journey our life takes us on. Wanting to feel that we’ve accomplished something and definitely to make the most of our time. It’s difficult, but if we have regrets, we need to let them go so we can focus on living. For me, Covid also brought me many positives – or maybe I’m just able to see or look for the positives in any situation. I’m determined to enjoy life and make the most of the quality of life covid has shown me is possible. It’s ironic that a virus that has caused so much destruction globally has actually brought a positive experience for me – I should say I have been extremely Fortune and have not caught Covid over the past 2 years.

    I also loved the statue of Dali’s work … that must be an interesting site when travelling

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