on seeing

Why is it we sometimes do not see?

… what is right in front of us
… what is staring us in the face
… what is so clear and obvious

We don’t always see because

… our eyes are not open
… our minds will not accept
… our hearts are not ready


This artwork is in the park I visit most days. I even sit nearby. But yesterday evening at sunset was the first time I noticed it.

This observation is not related to anything in particular. It has no immediate relevance that I can see. Yet.


I went back to the park this morning at sunrise. I sat on my bench with the artwork in view. And I reflected on why I hadn’t truly seen it before.

This is what I noticed. I was watching the birds. Reflecting on life. Feeling the breeze on my face. Sitting inside a sunrise. And I was breathing …

Commissioned artwork. ‘Echo’ by Jason Sims (2019) at Heywood Park. December 17, 2022

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