inside a rain cloud

6 pm in the evening.

In the tropics, afternoon monsoon storms have just rolled in.

I’m listening to Jung Jaeil’s ‘la strada’ from the ‘seasons of change’ album.

In the background is the sound of rain.

I’m on the 31st floor and sitting for a brief time inside a rain cloud.

In the distance, there is a hint of blue sky and some sunshine.

At this moment, there is peace, solitude, and completeness.

I collect moments like this and put them away for another rainy day.

After the storm. KL, March 2022

2 thoughts on “inside a rain cloud

  1. It was beautiful to be there, even briefly because the moment quickly passed. But something that has stayed with me since the pandemic ‘experience’ is remembering and appreciating small moments. Thank you, Brenda 🤍


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