looking ahead …

At the end of a year, we look back. We can see it all because we have lived it. We review the year just past, perhaps with some judgement, perhaps even some regrets.

As we look ahead to a New Year, what do we see? It’s an unknown place, the future. There is a new horizon to look toward and reach for. New space and time to fill.

We can fill it with postive experiences and enjoyment. Or we can fill it with our disappointment and unhappiness.

It’s up to us. To you and me.


As we look ahead, it’s usually with some optimism. Human nature is like that. We want to see the best. We like to hope for the best.

I think that 2022 has been a lot to deal with. Globally and individually. New realities ask us to adjust and change. We are being asked to be ‘different’ and to respond differently. To shift in new ways and go in new directions.


A ‘new normal’ is a phrase we hear. This will mean different things for different people. My new normal means ‘rising above’. I’m adapting and accepting. Releasing the old to make way for the new. And I’m growing.


Just now, I hear and see more fireworks. It’s the evening of January 1, 2023. It seems some people didn’t have enough yesterday!!

I see this as a sign. To find what you love, then love it more. Find what you enjoy and do it more. Appreciate. Each and every moment.

And we can celebrate the feeling of A New Year, every day of the year. Why not??

With or without fireworks.

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