in between

In between. This is how I feel. In-between seasons. I’m still in-between time zones.

I left a sunny summer behind in Australia. Today it is 38 degrees there. I’m currently at -2 where I am but at least the fog has finally lifted to reveal a sunny day.

People sometimes ask me, why did I come here at this time of year. It’s a very good question. I often ask myself the same thing, especially when night-time descends at 4.30 pm!! I must have my reasons …


But I also feel ‘in-between’ stages of life. It’s something we all go through. As we age, getting older is a new stage. Constantly. And moving on, from work or place or even relationships. These are new stages, too.


I think, as children, we imagine that once we’re grown up and in control of our lives, everything will be easy to manage.

But as soon as we feel in control and are comfortable in one stage of being, something will shift. Something will change. Or we will change or shift. And the learning and growing begins again.


Being ‘in-between’ is often a state of place and location for me. But it is also certainly a state of mind. As changeable as the weather.

Right now, my outlook is sunny. The fog is lifting. Tomorrow it may rain. Or snow. I don’t know. I can’t know … But I’ll be walking in the sunshine while it lasts.

Royal Park, Melbourne. December 25, 2022

5 thoughts on “in between

  1. I like this idea of in between Amanda. I can relate to what I think you mean. There are so many transitions in life, and we’re not always aware that that’s where we are. It’s only when we stop to think about the decisions we are making that we find ourselves at that in between stage.

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    1. I think it’s a state of existence that’s always on my mind. I move countries, hemispheres and seasons so often. Connecting this to life’s transitions … is what is ‘true’ for all of us. Thanks for your comment, Brenda 😊

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