the night is too bright

One night, I woke to bright light coming through the windows instead of darkness.

This was the real start of winter. After snowfall, the white landscape below was reflecting and intensifying all the light.


The night is too bright
Snow reflected
All is light

The night is too quiet
Sound absorbed
All is still

The night is too long
Many questions
All unanswered

The night is too bright
For sleep. For dreams
All is …


I didn’t complete the last line. I think I fell asleep. Are there any suggestions? 🖤

1:30am. January 22, 2023

5 thoughts on “the night is too bright

  1. I hope you had a good sleep Amanda. I’m not a poet, but I wondered if you could have finished off with the same line as the end of the first stanza, since you repeated the first line?

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    1. Yes, you may be right. Thank you, Brenda 🙏 The snow has just gone and now we have rain. Today was very grey. Which makes me sleepy at the wrong time of day 😴

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      1. Gray days are tiring, I agree. It feels like it never really turns into day. We’ve had beautiful blue skies today. Had some snow last night and I think more due tomorrow into Sunday

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