coming and going

Whenever I travel, I have a few things I like to do for a peaceful, happy and intentional journey. One that I’ve been doing for a while now, is to make an intention to arrive safely at my destination. Mostly, this is about a smooth landing at my destination. I see it in my mind and imagine how it will feel.

Recently though, or in the past year really, I’ve added something else before I set off on a trip. This is to set an intention to return again. Because in 2020 when I left home, I didn’t return in 2 months as I’d planned. I didn’t get home again until 2022.

This falls into the category of “Never assume”. Because even the most likely and even probable of outcomes can suddenly and unexpectedly become improbable or even impossible. Like returning home.

Since then, I might take a photo of myself at home and think about when I will be back again. I have a few selfies in front of a mirror, too. This time, I’m taking a photo of something from the space I’m living in Sarajevo and setting the same intention.

It’s an intention that even though I’m leaving, I intend to return.

Bosnian plate. March 16, 2023

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